A little bit about
what makes us tick.

Abakus is a specialist in providing Outsourced solutions in areas of accounting and administration. We adopt Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) approaches where we integrate our activities with the operational activities of the Client business.

With most of our Clients we are not simply there to produce a set of accounts – we recognise instead that each individual transaction impacts on one or more department or individual in the organization and their information needs, timing and sense of its importance may be different.

We get to know our Clients and how they operate and we endeavour to provide a level of service where we not only record, but also understand the basis of each transaction such that we can interven in an advisory capacity where we consider our input may add value to the daily operations of the business.

Founded in 1999 by Kevin O’Boyle, Abakus has a track record of delivering bespoke outsourced solutions to a range of businesses from start-ups to established SMEs and multinationals.

Our aim is to provide our clients, whether they are individuals, associations or corporations with a professional, flexible and efficient resource that supports them in focusing their key resources on increasing sales and profits and growing their business.