How Abakus Outsourcing Works

Each Client is different and the processes adopted are specific to that organisation. Consequently we adapt our approach to fit directly with the Client needs with an aim that we become a natural extension of what you do. At our initial meetings we will agree with the Client a detailed brief of the services required and the specific methods of communication and delivery. We enter into both short and long term agreements with Clients which invariably retain flexibility for future changes in the Client services. How it Works

Abakus use a range of Accounting / ERP Software to support Clients, including SAP, Sage and Accounts IQ. Many of our clients are highly mobile and our web based package, driven by Accounts IQ, allows them access critical information across the web at any time around the globe.

The Service Team assigned to each Client is chosen on the basis of skills, knowledge and experience appropriate to the Client’s activities. We ensure that each Client always has an account manager assigned, and always has more than one person to turn to in the event of needing support urgently. We are part of your team and are always available to you.

Fees and Costs are dictated by the level of service provided and are typically spread evenly over the entire year so that Clients can budget their monthly costs. It is our aim to tailor a package for each Client which would compete favourably against the in-house alternative in terms of quality of service, whilst delivering real cost savings to benefit the business.