Operating Principles

Our key Operating Principles reflect the values that we live daily.

  • Pro-active Customer Service & Support
    It is our role to meet the commitments we have given, to the best of our ability, and to identify issues that may affect the performance of Client organisations. We regard ourselves as part of your team and, as such, are concerned to ensure the highest levels of Service.

  • Flexibility
    The availability of a flexible level of resourcing is fundamental to Clients’ decisions to adopt outsourcing. Consequently, we endeavour to ensure that we are focused on task performance such that it is our job to deliver within the agreed framework and therefore our responsibility to provide the resources.

  • Value
    Through providing skills appropriate to the task, we provide our Clients with the best possible value on an on-going basis.

  • Professionalism
    The AbaKus team are highly qualified and well represented by members of the major accounting bodies. Our processes and practices are designed to provide the highest level of professional support to our Clients.

  • Team effort
    We ensure that there is always someone to deal with Client’s queries. Clients are assigned a lead account manager but we ensure that there is always dual support with two or more staff familiar with each Client. Also, our processes and systems are designed to allow all senior staff the ability of picking up the threads of each case.