How we can help small to
medium businesses

SME’s invariably need to focus their key resources on their business and Customers. The involvement of Owners and Managers on routine accounting and administration tasks is just a distraction! Abakus affords managers of SME’s the security of knowing that their accounting and administration operations are being professionally handled whilst they focus on their core competencies thereby increasing sales and profits.

AbaKus work with Clients to:

  • Ensure that staff with required levels of skill and cost are assigned to the appropriate tasks. Consequently, the Client doesn’t pay for highly qualified staff carrying out routine tasks, neither do we waste management time by junior staff being assigned to complex tasks.

  • Smooth peaks and troughs by availing of flexible resources to cope with seasonal, month end or year end peaks.

  • Ensure all year round cover not interrupted by holidays, sick leave, or any other unplanned absences.

  • Eliminate the time and cost of recruitment and the risk of unsuccessful hires.

  • Ensure all corporate and tax compliance deadlines are met on time.

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